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  • In the first half of 2018, the electronic information manufacturing industry continued to maintain a steady growth trend, the growth rate of production and investment maintained a leading level in various industries, and the industrial operation remained stable on the whole. In the first half of the year, the added value of electronic information manufacturing industry above designated size increased by 12.4% year-on-year, 5.7 percentage points faster than that of all industries above Designated···
  • The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that China's economy has changed from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development, and is in a key period of transforming the development mode, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the growth power. We should deepen the supply side structural reform, accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, a···
  • The 200 billion tariff finally came. After the stock market closed on the afternoon of September 17 US Eastern time, US President trump officially announced this decision.Trump said that he would impose a 10% tariff on 200 billion products from China, which would take effect on September 24 a week later. This tax rate will be implemented until the end of the year. From January 1, 2019, the tax rate will be increased to 25%. Trump also said that if China takes retaliatory actions to hurt "Am···
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